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So today, I finally managed to pick up a 10 foot HDMI Cable and drill a hole in the floor so that I could hook my PC up to my 61" 1080i JVC HDTV in the basement, and clone it with my LG Monitor.

Well first, the picture is streched and cuts off a lot of the desktop on the JVC. NVIDIA Control Panel has an option to fix this, but nothing ever comes up when I click the button. Second, I have it hooked up through HDMI (A DVI to HDMI Adapter on the back of my GTX 275) and there is no audio. YES, I did hook the SPDIF Cable into my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R) like the manual said.

Is there anyway to fix the display (Yes, my drivers are up to date) and how do I get Audio to the TV?
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  1. is windows set to use the spdif output and not the analog output?
  2. mindless728 said:
    is windows set to use the spdif output and not the analog output?

    How do I configure that?
  3. Sound in the Control Panel only shows the 6 Analog Jacks and then the Optical/Coaxial Outputs on the back of my case.

    P.S., I'm using Vista x64

    Haha, I'm gonna turn on the TV and see if anything changes..... NOPE.

    EDIT: Haha, I got the scaling thing fixed....

    Stupid me didn't realize that the scaling window would appear on the TV and not the monitor. However, sadly I can't clone them with scale changed to 1862x1012 pixels on the TV.
  4. I went in the case and the polarities are correct too.....
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