Flow rate increase with dual loop ?

im running a restricted loop due to my motherboard block and i know normally a single loop makes the most sense but in this situation im wondering if separating the motherboard water block in to its own loop would make more sense as it kills my flow rate i have considered simply adding a second pump into the loop but i cant see that helping as much as going to a second loop
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    You could run a hybrid a pump and 'loop' for the MB block, and pull from the same reservoir the 'main loop' runs from. (If you had a reservoir with multiple in/outs, this would work best). Otherwise, you could determine a way to split a parallel loop before both pumps and then revert back after your MB block.

    Make sense?
  2. i can dual loop with my res so thats what ill end up doing. I think it makes the most sense do to the fact the mobo block is killing my flow rate
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