Are these pre-OC temps ok?

Brand new build, but want to make sure everything is where it should be before I even start....Never done an Overclock before.

Motherboard Gigabyte Z68X UD7
Proc: 2600k
Ram: Coarsair Vengance 16GB
Cooler: H100
Vid: 6970s

I downloaded the monitoring software recomended at the bottom of the Overclock sticky guide.

After running Prime 95 for some time, on different settings, temps seem to maintain at or about 50, 50, 54-55, 52.

Is this proper for non-overclcocked 2600k with my cooler, and is it ok that one fore seems to be a bit higher (the 54-55). It is continuously the 3rd one that is a few degrees higher.
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  1. Those temps seem a bit too high to me. I have a 980x and right after playing call of duty I only see temps of mid 40's c and I'm overclocked to 4200 mhz. Idle they are around mid to upper 30's.
  2. Those temps are what I'd expect from a 920 OC'd to about 3.8 Ghz or a 2500 OC's to 4.4 ish
  3. so my cooler isn't operating properly then? At idle the temp is around 30 -32. the 50 - 52 ish is under full load with prime 95, but if it should be lower, then i need to trouble shoot my H100 cooler i guess
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