Used computer deal?!?! OPINIONS PLEASE.

A man listed a computer w/ monitor for sale on Craigslist which I am thinking of buying.
I had intended to build my own, but I'm not sure I can refuse this deal.
Here are the specifactions.

22" dell monitor 1680 X1050

E5200 Processor (core 2duo overclocked to 3.0 ghz)
Unspecified Mobo
Unspecified brand 4 gb ddr2
Radeon 4830 512 mb
100 gb sata 2 2.5" hdd
Orion 480 watt power supply
Unspecified white case
windows 7 RC

Everything listed for the price of 250$
It's not exactly as good as i wanted.
But still, should I jump at it, and attempt to resell for more (If it doesn't sell, I wouldn't mind using it)
Or should I pass it up?

Quick replies would be great, 'cause it might sell if I don't act.
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  1. I would just assume spend the 250 on something new and exactly what you want. The MoBo, RAM, and case being unspecified.... i am leery about that and the E5200's are what...50, 60 bucks now? Thing is you don't know if the guy OC'd the snot out of it and didn't really do it properly.

    I think the monitor might be the best thing about the deal... if you need a monitor... maybe think about it, if you don't, then you do what you want but i know i wouldn't get it.
  2. To many Unspecified items and it is Craig list. You could be taken a chance.
  3. I do need a monitor, 2 actually.
    The cpu is socket 775, so it should be easy to upgrade in the future.
  4. Socket 775 is a good socket and there are some fantastic CPU's for it, but it's run into somewhat of a dead end technology. The new socket for i7, and i5 is where new processors will show up, not in the 775 area.

    What i would do if you are really considering it is try to get more info... find out what the MoBo, RAM, and case are, then price out those products new. Get some actual numbers to compare.
  5. If its works it is a good price. But i would get a bigger harddrive. And if there is any way of contacting him ask him about the unspecified
  6. no don't go for it, It's some guy on craigslist advertising something for less than half it's value.
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