Is this a good airflow setup?

I'll be getting an Antec 300 case soon and this time I want a proper air cooling system. I have a Prolima Megahalem and I've made a diagram as to how I'll be setting up the fans. The middle bit is the Megahalem with two fans on either side going >|R|>. I'll also have a side fan but I'm not sure if I should make it exhaust or intake. Also the front has two 120MM fans exactly where the red lines go.

Suggestions will be much appreciated!

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  1. What you are suggesting is backwards from the normal flow pattern. The side fan often blows cool air inward but the only way to tell what works best is to test both ways.

    EDIT: Front in and back, top out is the normal airflow pattern.
  2. The standard is cool air goes in the front (which the antec 300 has front air filters) than out the back and top. A side fan can sometimes make it hotter, if it disrupts the airflow. The best way to find out is testing yourself.
  3. As k1114 alluded to, you have it backwards. Front fans by the drives intake while the top and back fans exhaust. Remember that hot air rises so it WANTS to go to the top of the case. You're going to have a heck of a time convincing it to go out the front. (blowing on you as well???)
  4. So then I'll change it to.

    I have one last question. Is it better to have stronger fans for intake or exhaust if I had to choose between the two?
  5. "I have one last question. Is it better to have stronger fans for intake or exhaust if I had to choose between the two?"

    I read an article on Anandtech or Tom's (don't remember exactly) a while back that rated several different airflow setups. The most efficient was ONE rear exhaust and ONE top exhaust. I almost couldn't believe that they didn't have any intake fans, but hey, numbers don't lie. So I would go with stronger exhaust.
  6. That is wrong and you need to do your homework.

    There's many articles discussing positive and negative air pressure. In your case, I'd say positive (more intake) as you want the air to go through your air filters.
  7. Do my homework, eh? I am simply posting conclusions from a previous study regarding their findings of 6 different airflow setups. If you want to refute those claims, fine. But don't assume I will put up with your insults. I'll look around and see if I can find the article.
  8. Your diagram is completely backward. Usually, cool air in the front and side, hot air goes out the back and top.
  9. As noted front air in, back and top air out. I thought that was what you showed in the photo but the right side is chopped off on my screen. I see now that you were using the blue/red to imply cool/hot airflow. So yes the photo is backwards to what you want.

    Testing will tell you if the side fan is good or bad and what direction it should point if good.

    As far as fans and pressure differential are concerned you want air FLOW across the CPU HSF and Vid card. I'd buy quality, quiet fans and let them do their job. You can even add plastic air deflectors to direct the cool incoming air towards the HSF if need be.

    People will never agree on the best airflow pattern, CPU, heatsink or much of anything else. The idea is to obtain proper cooling and the most efficient possible within reason.
  10. Thanks all! I think I've come to a conclusion. I wasn't thinking about hot air rising haha that's why my diagram was backwards.
  11. Actually It's the video card exhaust direction that is forcing me to stick with default airflow dir.

    If I were to make rear fan an intake it would just recirculate hot air.
  12. In that diagram, you'd be recirculating hot air anyhow, regardless of your video card. Your power supply exhausts out, and that hot air would rise, and get sucked back in by your rear case fans.
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    there is a reason that 90+% have the same basic set up, intake from front and sides. exhaust from rear and top.

    as far as whats more important, exhuast is. if you only had one exhaust fan, it would still pull air into your case while expelling the hot exhaust. all this talk of positive air pressure inside your case is crazy.

    in the end, its your case/set up, so what you want. but if you dont exhaust out the rear and top, you will more than likely over heat, and be back on here asking what you did wrong.
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