Help build gaming rig. 4k limit

Looking for advice for my new gaming PC. I've built one before so I know how to install everything. I'll try to go by the guidlines I read in the sticky.

For CPU going with intel thinking i7-950

GPU thinking Dual 1,792 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 295

Not sure on hard drive yet or what ram to use and how much.

Need help picking a good Motherboard that will support what I need.

Anything I missed or if you would do anything different with 4k let me know. Really looking for the most bang for my buck here. Thank you for any help. Just focusing on Tower have everything else
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  1. Most people, myself included, would recommend getting the i7 920 and overclock it, get a single slot dual gpu card and save your money for graphics upgrades in the future. A single GTX 295 will be great for now.
    If you want to put you money somewhere more permanent: get a really nice monitor and sound setup.
  2. some people say that 3 gtx 285s outperform 2 gtx 295s, havent found any reviews, but u could look into that

    i7 920 of corse
    6/12GB DDR3
    OCZ vertex, maybe 2 in raid 0

    heard good stuff about these 2 boards

    and as the above poster said, u can just buy 1 gtx285 and wait till september for the ati 5800 series
  3. Trust me a 4k rig is a waste of money. You are literally throwing away your cash for a rig that will be outperformed by newer and better hardware. I would spend around $1500 then you can build another $1500 rig 2 or 3 years from now and put the extra $1000 in upgrades over time.
  4. waynec and others are right, spend less more often and put more into upgrades and extras like speakers, monitors, etc...
  5. go to refurb and try to get the top 30" monitor, that will know 1200 off (though its an S-IPS monitor, great quality, a friend of mine owns one)
  6. Deep down I knew I shouldn't throw all that on one computer. Thanks for all advice I will use it.
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