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I am currently holding an hp a1642x unit that has this motherboard in it. The problem is that it had viruses and the hdd was failing due to it. So i replaced the hdd with another sata and it will blue screen off the XP cd when it says starting windows. So i switched the hdd with another new one and the same thing happens. Do you have any other ideas other than maybe a bios virus or motherboard failure. According to hp i should flash the bios with a non infected drive but unfortuately i don't have one other than the failing drive. So any help would be appreciated.
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  1. You need to format the drive; bluescreens are caused by trying to run a windows installation on a different board. Windows crashes when it can't find the devices for the board. You can use a cd from the hardrive manufacturer to prep the hardrive as boot or secondary drive. Then use the xp installation cd to reinstall windows. You can also try going into safe mode using the f6 key; while in safe mode install the motherboard drivers for the lan, video, chipset, usb, etc. then reboot into windows. Sometimes this works. One final option is to use the old infected drive and try the windows recovery program to go back to a previous windows installation that pre-dates your viruses.
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