Streaming audio to several computers/ps3 in synch

First off my apologies if this thread is in the wrong location, I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it.

I am looking for a way to play a play list from my file server, and have it stream simultaneously to other pc's and to a PS3. I am NOT trying to find a way to share the audio on my file server with other PC's/ the PS3, I know how to do that.

What I am trying to do is have a play list of say 10 songs, on my file server. And have my file server play this play list out of its own speakers in my office. And then go to the PC in my bedroom, and somehow "tune in" to the stream (like you would with a radio station) and have the PC in the bedroom start playing the same part of the song, in synch, with whats playing on the file server. And then go into the front room, and do the same thing with the PS3.

So if I'm having a party, as people move from room to room, they will hear the same music being played, IN SYNCH, with whats in the other rooms.

Again, I am NOT looking for a way to just stream audio from one pc to another etc. I want to broadcast it so to speak like a radio. If I had three radios in three different rooms I could tune into the same station and it would be no problem. I would like to do this with 2 PC's and a PS3.

I have tried PS3 Media Server, which I use for steaming/ transcoding movies from the File Server to the PS3, and I've also tried Orb, which lets me stream music from my file server to say, my pc at work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been researching this for two weeks now and have not found any solutions.

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  1. Good luck getting it to synch completely. Due to variations in computers, buffering, and other network traffic you will almost never get it to be 100% in synch with all other stations.
    All it takes is for 1 or 2 packets to get out of order and your no longer synched.
  2. I have heard it is possible but myself have not had luck either... I have tried with VLC and they do have a 'sync' option; knowing how to configure it properly has got me tho.

    If you can grab a time from a source such as windows time down to the second; couldn't you just delay the server by a few seconds so the client(receiving audio stream PC) can buffer the audio stream then both start playing at a certain time...?

    As long as the server is able to keep the receiving PC's buffer full with audio data this should work...

    Any ideas plz email me at
    K u a l l a @ g m a i l . c o m
    (Subj: Synced Audio Streaming)
    or email me if you need any ideas and help... maybe I will have it figured out.

    The usefulness of synced streaming audio would be great and with more and more home networks would be something that once people know of and try will most likely become something of high-value!
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