Gtx 580 overclock or SLI

Hello, I bought new system with Asus gtx 580 directcu 2 (2 fans & less noise)
Almost every game runs on high fps with max settings, except metro that runs on 25-40 fps.
While under stress the card have 70-60c.
I had thoughts of buying another 580 but the problem is that the card is huge, if there little space between 2 cards will it cause heat problems ?
my full system is :
core i7 2600k stock clocks
asus p8z68 deluxe motherboard
therlmaltake tough power gold x 750w (need to buy new psu for SLI)

If not going for SLI do you guys recommend oc'ing the card ?
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  1. 25-40 fps isn't that bad but if you really want more overclock, getting another 580 isn't worth it unless you've got a 3+ setup or something.
  2. Id take a look at overclocking.

    Download MSI AfterBurner software, check through some internet guides/videos on overclocking, look up some overclock settings others have used for GTX 580 and then have a play about with afterburner.

    Buying a second card really isn't worth it just for the sake of playing METRO. That game is unusually GPU intensive and doesn't relate to other games requirements.

    Adding a second card in SLI will always leave the 2 GPU's with very little gap between them and so temperature rise will always occur. Having a side case fan blowing cold air directly onto the cards can help if you do chose to SLI though.

    Your also correct in that you would need a new PSU if you decided to SLI, 900w is recommended, 1000w if you plan on overclocking.
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