What MOBO for my I7 build

I am starting my first build. I just have to narrow down a few loose ends before i begin.
First the best MOBO for a 1000$ i7 rig build.

the 2 that i have been looking at are:

MSI X58M LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard


EVGA 121-BL-E756-TR LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX SLI Micro Intel Motherboard

Question: Should i go with a Micro ATX? Should i go with either of these MOBOs? Which one is better and why?

thanks guys!
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  1. Are you going to need to put the case into a small area? If not you can save money and get better cooling by getting a full atx board and case.
  2. i'd choose EVGA over MSI between the two board.

    There has been some good Micro ATX boards like the ASUS Rampage Gene but I ended up going with the EVGA.
  3. I second the EVGA over MSI. Only go with a micro ATX board if for some reason you need to use a small case (e.g. portability, space constraints). Otherwise you can get a lot better cooling with a larger case and overclocking would be easier.
  4. MSI all the way, you save $40 and they have fairly equal specs.
  5. The MSI X58M has an overheating problem with the Northbridge chip! I burned up the first board I tried, with the second one I added a fan tie wrapped to the Northbridge heatsink. This reduced the heatsink temperature from "too hot to touch" to "barely warm" and I have had no trouble with the new board.

    I chose the MSI because it was the only board to allow a full complement of RAM (24Gb DDR3) all of the other boards I saw would only run 3Gb DDR3 and the rest would actually be DDR RAM!

    Overall I am very happy with the I7/920 and X58M - it benchmarks about 2X faster than the top AMD chip using Poser 7

    The other major factor I found was the Operating system - Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit consistently gave 20% faster times over all benchmarks than "Superior" XP64 (a heavily optimised "gamer" build). That corresponds to about 40% better than "stock" (MSDN) XP64 and at least 60% faster than Vista.

    Need I add any comments about Firefox 3.5 vs IE 8? See the Mozilla website for much better info than I can repeat here.
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