ATI 4850.. slight constant lag in any game !help!

Hey guys.. I'm having this problem that I just can't figure out.

I play LOTRO , Battlefield 2, Demigod, COD4 & 5 .. all of them have a few frames lost every 1 second ... it's so annoying and I'm just about pullin my hair out on this one. Any suggestions appreciated.

I've: reinstalled latest drivers for vidcard, lan, audio, DX, disabled all bg running programs, disabled audio, reinstalled windows with just enough to run games, defragged hd's as well as check disk.. no errors


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940 AM2
MB: Asus M4A79 Deluxe
Ram 4GB Patriot
Gfx: ATI Radeon 4850
PSU: Corsair TX750 watt
NIC Realtek RTL8168/8111 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Audio: Realtek High Def Audio

Win XP SP3

Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Firstly can you post your cpu,gpu temps on load?

    Sometimes from my own experience hardware just fails, Try just physically removing the card from its slot. Look for any dust etc, clean it out and try again.

    Since from what i'm seeing you pretty much tried anything els.

  2. Almost sounds like the same thing i had when i only had 2gb of memory when playing Crysis. It'd stutter whenever it accessed the pagefile because i didn't have enough RAM. Although not quite as frequent as your problem.

    How is you hardrive activity when you're playing games?

    Check to see if your PC is recognizing all your RAM. You should also run memtest to determine if your ram is good or not.
  3. Could be a CPU scheduling issue. Make sure go to AMDs website to download the CPU driver for XP.
  4. Ok, Thanks for the recommendations ..

    Still the problem persists..

    I've dusted out the CPU and GPU heatsinks.. which was pretty caked with dust.. I dunno why I didn't do that beforehand.
    Reseated the ram, vid card.

    I did download / install the CPU driver for XP at AMD's website upon new installation of xp.

    Just to make sure heat isn't an issue.. I opened the case and put a utility fan pointing toward the hard drives just to cool everything.. so far running the game at CPU 31C and MB 27C .. not sure how to detect the GPU temp ... but I'm sure it's pretty low. Voltages +3.3=3.40 +5V=5.05 +12V=12.30... this is according to Asus PC Probe II

    Thanks again for all your help.. any other recommendations?
  5. use gpuz to see your graphic card temps,Idk if you alrdy did this. But you could try memtest as stated be4 to see if your ram is the culprit

    But if your rather positive its the gpu, you could always try to test it somewhere els. Maybe a friends etc?

  6. Yea I ran 2 instances of memtest an it got to about 75% with no errors and I gotta run it again to cover the other 25% but Im betting I'll get thesame result as the other 75%.

    Next thing I guess.. I will swap parts out with my bros comp and see what kinda result I get. Will get back later
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