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Its my first time here, does anyone know where i can buy a top spec motherboard that supports agp not worried about the price.
i have the ati radeon 9700 pro graphics card in the computer.

i know i can get a new computer, or motherboard that supports sli, but i just want to update my old computer first. dont ask i just want to :)

thanks for your help
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  1. Might want to list what type of socket you want also !! - since there are a few different socket types that support AGP - unless you are also looking for a CPU with it !
  2. not sure about the socket, have to open up the pc, i'm at work at mo.
    but will most likely go fro a new CPU as well.

    looking at motherboard first to see, i just cannot seem to find one that is top spec and supports agp.

  3. AGP MOBOs are getting pretty hard to find as the AGP bus just isn't up to the speeds of the newer video cards so is pretty limiting ( I just finished upgrading my system and went from an old Gigabyte socket 754 AGP board with an athlon 3200+ CPU, 1 GB of DDR 400 Ram and a 7800GS AGP card to a new Phenom II X3 720 and a PCI-e ATI 5770 GPU - so still have the old parts sitting here. Was trying to decide whether to try to sell a few of the parts (like the 7800GS AGP card, 1GB DDR 400 low latency RAM, Socket 754 Athlon 3200+ newcastle core CPU, and a Gigabyte GA-K8ns MOBO) or put together a system with it and sell the entire thing) - but not sure which way to go with it - If you don't find what you are looking for or are interested in any of it PM or E-mail me.
  4. need a top spec motherboard with agp would like it with intel processor

    what should i be looking for?

    anyhelp finding one would be appreciated
  5. Newegg does have one ASrock MOBO that looks decent - ( ) it even has support for DDR2 667 RAM which is rare for an AGP board (most are DDR only) which might fit your needs
  6. You're doing it backwards. If you get a new motherboard, whatever you put in the AGP slot is going to be the bottleneck in your system -- you do realize that, right?

    And keeping a Radeon 9700 is going to make it even worse. That card by itself will keep any machine from being "top spec." In fact, any AGP card is going to do that. They belong in old P4 machines that you're trying to barely keep alive, not a new machine that you're building.
  7. I'd agree with capt_taco - if you already have almost all of the parts and just need a MOBO for a system to get you by for awhile then it makes sense but spending anymore than that and you'd be better served getting something more modern !
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