Upgrade CPU compatibility with Motherboard

I have the following motherboard:

With the following CPU:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
Socket 478 mPGA

I want to know which processor I can upgrade to without having to upgrade the motherboard. Can I get a P4 with Hyper Threading?
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  1. That's an antique it could be one of several motherboards.That is the chipset.
    Here are some links
    You would be far far better off saving up money for even a low end budget build.
    A very low end budget CPU would blow away that old system in terms of performance.
  2. Hah, thanks.

    I noticed that some P4 were selling for under $50 locally, and figured if I could squeeze any remaining juice from my current machine for that low price, it wouldn't hurt.
  3. It's quite understandible but I don't think that it would be cost effective for an upgrade.Somehow I doubt that a P4 with hyperthreading would work on your motherboard as a guess.
    I saw this deal over at newegg that someone else mentioned before on this forum.


    Only thing it was missing was the hard drive,a DVD burner,CPU heat sink/fan and an operating system.

    As you can see a new budget build would be better.
    Just save up your money and during the meantime study on what you would like to build (come back and give us a budget).
    That old system could still be useful as a secondary PC.
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