How do i Just overclock the memory to its manufactured speed 1600Mhz

hello can someone help me with this. I have a
ASUS P6TD DELUXE X58. i7 975e
memory 6x4gb 24Gb total KINGSTON HYPERX EXTREME PERFORMANCE MEMORY @ 1333 but it is 1600Mhz I have tried going into the bios and changing the auto setting to 1600Mhz but the system will not remain stable. I've also tried upping the voltages slightly. but still no luck.
Thermal take Tough power 1200wattPSU

Problem I can't get the memory to run at 1600mhz. i have set the system in BIOS to 16oo mhz the system boots to windows then stops.
I have reinstalled windows started from scratch a few times. reloaded all drivers as you can see i have had allot of time on my hands.
the system has 6 2tb disks in raid 3 x mirror and 2 64GB SSD disks with the OS on them in raid.
also has a highpoint RR raid controller in a PCI slot. I had 6x2GB patriot 1600Mhz running @ 1600Mhz. I now Have 6 x 4 GB Of ddr3 Kingston HyperX MODEL KHX1600C9D3K6/24GBX
running in triple channel all banks filled have I got 2 much memory. I do allot of graphic video etcetera. Also use for games
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What settings are you using for the RAM?
  2. yo;u may need to put your mem in unganged mode before changing that setting......if its tied to your cpu speed you may be inadvertantly overclocking your cpu further than you want causing an instability
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