Upgrading which to go with? Little confused

At the moment I have 3 x KVR800D2N5/1G sticks in my PC. Since I've upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit, I figure I might as well get more RAM. Since KVR800D2N5/2G sticks seem hard to get at the moment though, I'm looking at alternatives, but confused as to whether they're compatible:

- KVR800D2N6/2G: the only difference is latency of 6 instead of 5. Not sure if that's a problem

- KVR800D2E5/2G: same latency, but apparently a different voltage. Absolutely no idea what impact this has on the capability of the RAM itself or if it's compatible with my current RAM

- KHX8500D2T1/2G: 1066 instead of 800, but same latency. Possibly also different voltage

Could anyone clarify the situation for me?

Also is the KVR800D2N5 being phased out? If so, what is it being replaced with?

Thanks folks.
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  1. The third one, and adjust higher voltages for it.
  2. Get the ones with lower voltages. Latency is really not a big factor if it's just 5 and 6 CAS. You won't notice a difference at all. The lower voltage ram will allow you to better overclock just in case you feel the need to.
  3. First of all if you aren't going to OverClock then go for the cheapest one because timings/voltages/speed are mainly important for OC'ng.
    But if you want to OC,then since its DDR2,you can go for CL4 one with 2.0/1.9 voltage.
    In the RAMs you posted,none is CL4 and if you are only restricted to those choices then go for the second one
  4. Thanks for the advice :-). I really have no idea with voltages etc though I had heard it was a bad idea to mix different kinds of RAM.

    I won't be overclocking...well probably not, I wouldn't even know where to start for doing that.
  5. If you wanted to OC,then here is a good guide(For C2D and C2Q):
  6. Oh as it turns out I can't use the second type because it's ECC and my board only takes non-ECC. This is frustrating...
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