Help a Noob with my Overclock please

CPU: 2600k Currently @ (44X100)
Ram: 16GB Coarsair Venegence

This is my first OC on my first home built PC

My numbers from system health from BIOS are:

Vcore: 1368
Vtt: 1.076
Vcc3: 3.304
DDR15V: 1.524
Cooler: H100 (set to performance)

I have disabled:
Intel Turbo
Spread Spectrum

These are all on Auto:(not sure for settings if I have to specify one)
Internal CPU Overvolt
System Agent voltage
PCH Core

I have set the Multi Step Load Line to a 4 out of 1-10. (I am very confused about this. If anyone can clarify what thi is and if this approapriate) IS this the droop thing?

Finally, System runs stable (@ 4.4 Ghz) with these setting under full load Prime95 with temps ranging from 62-68. Idles at 32-35.( are these apropriate with the voltage I have running?)

Also Memory is running at 1600 with 1.524 V

I understand that not all chips are the same, so if this is best I can get, then so be it, but I just didn't want to be missing some basic noob thing that I have either done wrong or have not done at all.

Thanks in advance All!
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  1. looks like the thanks in advance was in vain , and if i were you i would read an overclocking guide on this site.
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