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ok so my intel x 25m g2 crapped out last night. i went ahead and got a 120gb vertex 2 ssd. after doing some tests on this drive and remembering the tests on the x 25 im very confused. as far as benchmarking is concerned i dont get close at all to its rated speeds, especially in HD tune. on both drives ive avg 160-170mb read, all other tools like as ssd and crystal all say 220. the writes are the same at around 60mb/s for both drives. now the intel i understand buy the vertex in writes should at least be in the 100s. also the access times for the vertex are 2.2 ms and not .2 or .1. i know this is picky but i dont get why my charts are not like everyone elses. running on x58 core i7 system with ahci enabled
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  1. have you tried ide-mode? from what i've read ahci-mode can be glitchy at times.
  2. You may be suffering from it called "drive throlling," which due to the SandForce 1200 controller in the Vertex 2 drives.

    I posted the thread here, asking the similar questions. Pay close attention to what groberts101 posted. I've ran into him in alot of threads, and he is good!
  3. ^+1... groberts knows his stuff on OCZ drives (does beta testing for them, I believe). I would recommend posting a screen shot of AS SSD Benchmark to see what controller is installed & if you are aligned (no need to run the benchmark to get the info..)
  4. And as noted on my thread, AS SSD is doesn't accurately show SandForce controlled SSDs stats. Try HDTune or ATTO.

    But, DON'T BENCHMARK YOUR SSD TOO MUCH. It will degrade the drive faster than anything else!
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