M4A785TD-M EVO XP install problem

My config consists of MB with 2GB DDR3-1066, IDE HDD, SATA CDROM - nothing else. BIOS autodetected Primary Master IDE HDD and SATA ITAPI CDROM fine.

When installing Windows XP, I get as far as loading files on the HDD, but on reboot (with disk removed from CDROM drive), get message "remove disks or other nedia. Press any key...". I press a key, then get message "Reboot and select proper Boot Device". These messages then loop and HDD won't boot.

Interestingly, before upgrading BIOS to latest version (0915), message was "BOOTMGR is missing". I tried using the XP recovery console (FIXBOOT, MBRFIX) to no avail.

Any ideas to solve this would be appreciated!
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  1. Try leaving the disc in until windows is finished installing, and you boot into windows.
  2. I tried your suggestion, but if I leave the DVD in the drive, installation just starts again, as if I was booting the CDROM for the first time (goes to "Windows Setup"). Isn't the first installation reboot meant to boot the HDD, which now has all the windows files copied to it?
  3. Disk was faulty. Thought it was ok because XP install wrote system fies to it without any problem, but low level diagnostic showed it to be faulty.
  4. You can try running a chkdsk on the drive to see if it can be repaired.
  5. Will do. Thks for yr help.
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