Needh elp with pavilion m9500y problem

greetings. I am having a slight problem. About a year ago I bought an HP pavilion m9500y. It still works well for most things. However, after a year I figure it is time to upgrade the stock video card, a Geforce 9500 GS, that came with the package. So I go buy a Geforce 9800 GT. Put in the card...... turn on the comp.... and get a series of beeps ....... After a little research I realize I failed to plug in the power into the P10 slot on the card. However, the m9500y does not come with a p10 power plug, so I buy a VGA adapter from try it again. All is good and well.. Geforce 9800 GT runs and works well. Except there was a loud noise coming from the cpu now which sounds like a fan on crack. I check it out and conclude that the CPU fan is running at a vastly faster rpm than before. It is unbearably loud and constant. So I take out the 9800 GT and put back the 9500 GS. Problem fixed.... I enquire to some of my more tech savy friends about why that Video card would seem to make the fan run at higher rpm. They think it could be that the pavilion m9500y only has a 350w psu. The 9800 GT eats significantly more power than the 9500 GS. And the pavilion m9500y has a quad core processor which eats allot more power than a dual core as well is what they explain.

So without looking at the pc.. only the specs they found, the conclude that the Geforce 9800 GT is sucking all the power from the psu and that combined with the quad core means the cpu fan is not getting sufficient resources and therefore is acting up. They suggest I replace my psu.

Does this sound right to you guys, and what would you deduce about this problem? I am an avid mmorpg player and would like the best video performance I can get, however atm I can't use my 9800 GT. I know that most of the time, unless you build it yourself, the computer manufacturers use wierd configurations and things to make upgrading or using parts not of thier making almost impossible to use.

Now I have heard of people not having problems with this particular card on a 350W psu, but i do not know if they had a dual or quad core processor. According to my friends it would make a difference and is possibly the case that they were not runnign a quad, and becuase I was, is what could be causing the issue with the cpu fan running at high rpm all the time, seeing as it theoretically would not be receiving the needed power supply required to run properly.

Which leads me to the next question. If I had to replace certain parts of the unit to get the 9800 GT to work properly without any problems what parts would work with that system?

System specs [...] 29&lang=en

Any help is appreciated. If more info is required I will add if able, just ask. Thank you.

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  1. first of all if i were u i would get a Phenom II cuz they are so much better than the original Phenoms.
    but that isn't the problem or solution

    U have smart friends, Your PSU needs to be upgraded, 350 isn't enough for a 9800 and phenom, especially since the old one is not as good as the new phenom at power management.

    so get a 400-430 watt PSU

    and if u can a Phenom II but it isn't neccessary
  2. yeah even if this doesnt fix ur problem u need a bigger PSU anayways as thats a lil under powered. plus they never put a good brand PSU in so not a good combo. if it were to die it could take half ur PC with it.

    id suggest a well known brand. and also think if ur gonna upgrade ur PC with more hard drives and this ect in which case u may want a larger PSU 450W should be fine and well known brand prefered
  3. Corsair, OCZ, Silverstone, Seasonic, power cooling & PC aka PC&PC, Antec

    are all good PSU brands
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