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I am thinking of building a new rig but can't decide which socket to go with. There are a lot more choices with the 1156/P55 vs the 1366/X58 but now the 6 core CPUs will be 1366/X58. I know Tom's and several other review sites are saying the sweet spot right now it a combo of 1156/P55 + i5 750 or i7 860 (performance per dollar). Does anyone know if there will be any CPUs that will have more then 4 cores that will run on 1156? Not that I don't find all input useful, AMD fan-boys need not reply. If it makes you feel better my HTPC is AMD based. I know the pluses and minuses of each chipset P55 vs X58 and that isn't the problem. I would like my PC to be as future proof as possible. I priced out a system using 1156/P55 + i7 860 and one using 1366/X58 + i7 920 and there is only about a $20 difference. There obviously a few other differences in hardware but very minimal. What do you guys think? What would you do? Thanks.
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