2nd hard drive missing.....requires data recovery

Dear sir,
I\'m using two hard disks of 40gb size each in windows xp operating system. My processor is pentium 4 & 512 ram. Yesterday, I found my 2nd(external) hard drive divided by two partition I & J is not working properly. My J drive size- 15gb is not opeing, showing zero(0) data. In properties, it\'s showed RAW comments and asking for formatting the disk. I tried partition disk doctor 3.5 (demo) version to solve the problem, but it asked for registered version to solve the problem. After trying this, I restart the computer. but this time 2nd hard disk is not showing any drive. I\'ve tried all day long but finally failed to recover my important data from my 2nd drive. Windows xp is only showing my 1st hard drive & working well. So what to do now? I want an urgent solution without paying any money at this moment. As I\'m an student & empty handed now, it\'s not possible to buy any software. Wishing urgent help.....I\'m missing my drive & its data greatly.

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  1. First check the status of the drive. Run the drive manufacturer's software diagnostic utility against it. What does it say?

    If the drive is healthy then you may have just lost partitioning info on the drive. You can try and restore it using... http://findandmount.com
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