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I am overclocking a e5300 to 4.0ghz and i am wondering if ddr2-800 will let this work. the price of 800 and 1066 are the same, but the timing of 800 is 4-4-4-12 and 1066 is 5-5-5-15. would i need 1066 to achieve a 4.0 clock? if not, can i downclock 1066 and also lower the timings?

Thank you!
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  1. I have the Mushkin greyline stuff 2GB. DDR2-800. Kept the same timings when I overclocking it. It's running at 1040 right now. My cpu was my bottleneck. I've had the ram higher.
  2. Both should be fine for that OC,i would go for DDR2 800 with CL4 timings because for me lower timings are more important but some users prefer higher speed than lower timings but as i said both are fine and will do the job.
  3. Actually, both DDR2 800 CL4 and 1066 CL5 can access stored information at virtually the same speed.

    From Here

    As you will only need to run your FSB at 308Mhz to hit 4Ghz with your CPU, either set of RAM will work equally well.
    Heck, you could run DDR2 667 with your intended overclock and never have to overclock the RAM.
    Get which ever is cheaper or is from a better manufacturer.
    Both will work equally good for you.
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