Seagate SV 1TB or Western Degital Caviar 1TB


I want to buy 1TB hard disk. But I am not able to make decision.

Which 1TB harddisk should I Buy?

Which one is more reliable and better in performance?

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  1. without knowing the exact models being compared its hard to compare performance. however if both are 7200rpm drives they should compare similarly.

    however, as for reliability i'd still have to say western digital is better (for smaller drives under 1.5tb). check reviews on the two products (on newegg, other places) but i'm guessing the wd is higher rated.

    in short: the western digital.
  2. Seagate Hybrid
    Western Digital Green

    I've heard that WD Black is very loud. I've got a 1TB WD Green and it's quiet and fast. But if you can afford a Seagate Hybrid then go for it.
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