NF980-G65 FSB OCing

Okay so I'm guessing that I'm doing something incorrectly with overclocking the FSB. The reasoning behind me attempting to overclock the FSB is due to the suggestion in a previous thread I've made.

My Build
Phenom II x6 1090T
NF980-G65 Mobo
16 GB DDR3
2 GTX 470's and a 9800 GTX+ for PhysX

Custom watercooling setup. Image
Swiftech APOGEE-XT Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock
Swiftech MCR320-QP Quiet Power radiator
Swiftech MCP655 12 VDC Pump Liquid Cooling System
XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir - Black (Ball Front)
I have 1/2" tubing and there's a little over 1 liter of water in there.

Whenever I OC to 220, I can have it run somewhat stable and leave all of the voltages at Auto settings. Once I begin to push past 230, I become unstable; sometimes radically. As I was toying with pushing up the voltages, I Google'd around and found this thread. Now, the images the one user submits shows him pushing the FSB to 300. My CPU-NB VDD was at 1.3875 and my CPU-NB Voltage was at 1.415. With what I was clocking my FSB at compared to this other person's, I should've been running perfectly fine (I'm guessing) and decided not to push my voltage any further. So now I'm under the assumption that I've got something else wrong and that's the cause of my instability, and have reset everything back to default values for now.

Should I be boosting the NB and/or HT Link voltages? It it something else I need to modify?

Note: I left the CPU multiplier at default (x16), had the RAM timings set at manufacture settings and at 2T, and had my RAM clocked under 1600 MHz (speed rating of RAM).
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  1. Your CPU-NB voltages should be fine, if anything a bit high for those kind of clocks, but that's fine. What kind of instability are you seeing when you pass 230 FSB? I'm thinking that you may need to adjust your CPU voltage or RAM voltage, although you say you have that underclocked. Another possibility is that your setup somehow doesn't agree with that particular combination of clocks, despite them not being too high. I have the same board, but I run an X4 965, and I can up my FSB to 240 and drop my CPU multiplier and then run stable without changing any voltages. This would also allow you to run your RAM at stock speed by dropping the multi to x3.33. I know I said this in my last response, so I guess it would be best to know how the instability manifests itself to figure out which component is giving you trouble.
  2. Well whenever I try and run Prime95, I'll get errors within about 20 seconds at 230, and at 240 my computer sometimes won't even boot and I'll blue-screen.

    And yes, everything is at default speeds or underclocked other than the FSB. I'm not really sure what's causing this if you're able to OC without messing with the voltages in your build...
  3. One piece of info I picked up from the experts, not all given motherboards will overclock exactly alike, so be careful.
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