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Hi, I Have Been Searching All Over The Internet The Past COuple Of Days Due To An All Of A Sudden Problem. Heres The Basic Rundown, I Have An HP Touchsmart IQ504 PC. 2 Days Ago, I Ran Into A Problem Of The System Freezing And Going To A Black Screen. I Cycled The Power. I Removed And Reinserted The Memory. It Worked For A Day, THen Now, it Isn't WOrking Anymore. I Try TO Restart It, I Can't Get ANything Besides Blue Lights And Hearing THe Fan ANd Maybe Hard Drive. The Screen Remains Black. THe Farthest I Was Able TO Get Was A Blue Hp Screen WIth Menu Options, Once, THen It Froze. I Have Inserted The Recovery Disc, Nothing. The Yellow Light Flashes On The Drive, But It Doesn't Do Anything. I COntacted HP, They Suggest A Recovery, I Can't Do It Because I Can't Even Get To the BIOS To Change It TO Boot From CD. Best Buy Says They Can't Do Anything If THey Get the BLack Screen. Also, Since It's A Touchsmart They Say They Can't Open It Up. What DO YOu THink Is GOing On?
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  1. I would request an rma from hp; don't do anything else to the system. Restore it to it's original condition if you have changed anything recently. Then when the rma is approved, send it in with the rma number on the package. Hp products have a one year parts and labor warranty. If an hp representative asks what is the problem, just tell him the screen is blank; do not tell them that you have opened the system or touched anything inside. You may do this with them online. I've used their live tech service, and it works.
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