Should i got SLI? or just upgrade?


680i Lt MoBo
8Gb Ram (DDR2)
Gts 250
750W Power Supply
Haf 932 Case
E8200 Oc'ed to 3.6Ghz (100% Stable)

i used to have dual gt250s in an sli, but one broke.
i have one now.
sli isint all that, it takes up space, and makes intense heat.
should i buy another gts 250 and go sli again?

or should i just upgrade?

im looking to upgrade to gtx 275

i have enough power and good ventilation

but with the prices right now what would be the best card to buy in the 200 series? i cant go wild spending money, B/c im going core i7 soon.

Im so frustrated and cant make a decisian, because as they say, 1 good card is better than 2 mediocre ones.
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  1. I'd SLI because it's cheaper, but if you have the money then go with a single GtX275.
  2. Thanks Megaman but i just read this review: [...] 0-sli.html

    it sais that dual gts 250 is better than a gtx 280 even

    tested on 15 games, and dual gts 250 won 14 games with higher frame rates
  3. Suppose you've just answered your own questions, Go SLI.

    Unless you really fancy getting a 295.
  4. Yup, SLIed GTS 250's will give you similar/better performance than a GTX 285 and costs a heck of a lot less.
    Stick with the SLI setup at least until the next generaton comes out.
  5. if you know what you are doing, then i would SLI 250's!
  6. ^ Yup sli if your on a budget. If not go out and buy a gtx275 and sli later.
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