Fan Options in a HAF 932 and on an HDT-S1283

Hey everyone,

I just put up this thread in the AMD subforum, and thought I'd move the discussion over here. I've been trying to decide what the best fan configuration in my rig would be.

I have a HAF 932 with its stock 230 mm fans mounted on the front, side, and top panels, as well as its stock 140 mm on the rear panel. Would it benefit me to replace any or all of these fans with low or medium speed fans (800-1200 RPM), in terms of airflow and/or static pressure? The 230s supposedly have a CFM of 110, but I don't really buy it (just from feeling the amount of air they're putting out). I want to keep the noise level in my rig about the same (or lower it), but I'm also looking to improve temps. I've been looking at these three Scythes:


Basically, if I were to switch out my top 230 for 3 of any of these, my side 230 with 4, my front with 1, and my back 140 with one, (or any combination of any of these options/fans) would I see marked improvements in airflow and temperatures, without racketing up noise levels? Tell me what you would do in my situation.

Additionally, I'm looking to setup a push/pull fan configuration on my HDT-S1283. I've already demoed it with my current fan (a replacement for the fan that shipped with the heatsink) and another one I have lying around, just to make sure it's doable with some zip-tie handiwork, and it does just fine. Choosing from the fans listed above, which would you hook up to the Xigmatek, and why?

Thanks for any opinions/experiences/advice you may share.
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  1. I did a HAF 932 case mod last year. My own personal pc is also in a HAF 932 case. There is no need to replace the stock fans. They do an excellent job of helping to keep temperatures down. My own results were outstanding. A technical review comparing cooling in 4 different gaming cases which included the HAF 932 confirmed my own personal results.

    Those large 230mm fans can move a lot of air at low rpm. As a result the noise is not bad. In theory you could pull all the fans and replace them with 120mm high rpm fans but the end result would be money wasted and a pc that sounds like a jumbo jet on take off. You have to remember the HAF 932 is an extremely well ventilated case with lots of perforated mesh. There's a method to the madness.

    You can forget about using two fans with your cpu heatsink. The net result is typically less than a one degree drop in cpu temperature. For the typical user it's not worth it.
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