I have a MSI 785GTM-45 motherboard I want to know if a AMD Athlon11X4 630 cpu 2.8 AM3 Quad Core will work
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  1. pepperman said:

    Thank You for the info MSI support told me it would work I have an IBM P4 with a 3MHZ processor I have upgraded the power with a 650w. an added a 9500 ATI video card I didn't pay much for this computer so I thought it would be a good one to work on it is a 2003 and the video card is a 2004 I went to HMDI an my games would not work I tried upgrading the drivers I didn't have any luck so I looked into one of those programs that check your computer to see what drivers were needed I downloaded a few free trials they all said I needed about 20 drivers I didn't know which one to trust they all said they were the best, but the Driver Detective had an 8 day money back deal thats the one I got, it downloaded the drivers I needed for the motherboard and video card also I got a new dvd-crw it wouldn't record after I ran Driver Detective it would record I couldn't believe it my games worked again the Driver Detective came up with a video card I had removed I had removed all the drivers I had good luck working on this computer I always touch the metal frame before working on the motherboard this computer probably works better now then when it was made with all this work I done on this old computer I think I'am ready to build a new computer it was nice chatting with you Have A Great Day Chuck
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