"Tsunami s3500 HDD Case vs Windows 7" problem

I bought yesterday this HDD Case, I tried to setup the drivers for it, but the driver CD contains windows98 drivers only...And the next problem is this: the Win7 don't want to recognise it. It says the "usb device cannot be recognized" or something like that. The HDD case works properly, the hard drive's got power too, but cant set it up for win7. Any ideas? Please help!

Sorry for my english, but i hope you know what i thy to say

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  1. Oh, problem solved!! My bad.... :D the Hard disk was set to slave instead of master....
  2. G'day mate, I was wondering if you could scan and post a copy of the pinout on the power supply, I bought one of these without psu and need to know piout for a replacement
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