What opterons are compatible with the quad fx platform?

i have the quad fx platform the motherboard is an asus with the nvidia 680i chipset

my proc is 1 athlon fx 70

just wondering what opterons i can upgrade to , how bout the new shanghais?

um or should i get a matched pair off ebay of the athlon fx 74

oh and how are athlons fx in the gaming world today i am getting back into video editing and games and just wondering haw they fair.
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  1. you won't need opterons for that, and changhai can only run 800 mhz DDR2 RAM which can slow you down in future games

    and that mobo won't support any opterons

    athlon FXs are falling behind now, your better off going with an Athlon II x4 propus for 99 USD

    it will be plenty for what you do

    if you want more you can go with a phenom II
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