Can I SLi 2 diff model GTX 295's

I recently had a powersurge (Through cable line that wasn't protected) and fried power supply and mobo. I'm ordering everything so that i don't have to wait weeks to troubleshoot to find out exactly what was fried. But my question is, I have a eVGA GTX 295 regular, and I have ordered a eVGA GTX 295 FTW edition (high clocks).

Would i be able to SLi these if by chance my current one isn't fried? would i have to overclock the regular or downclock the FTW edition?

I have a Corsair 1000watt power supply i think it would be enough to power SLi 295's

Thanks for your help.
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  1. NP its gonna work !
  2. IIRC, as long as the gpu ram is the same, the SLI will work.
  3. masterjaw said:
    IIRC, as long as the gpu ram is the same, the SLI will work.

    Close, it's the GPU's and the cards BIOS that have to match as the clockspeeds will sort themselves out (layman approach).
  4. If I was you, I would not take the risk especially for a card of this price. Better getting an identical model on newegg... or in the worst case scenario... ebay...
  5. You will need a stronger power supply, or you are going to have a lot of BSOD.,2311-13.html

  6. Well I've heard of a few people with the Corsair 1000w PSU and SLi 295's without any problems, at least that I'm aware of. A lot of people seem to believe the corsair is actually a higher wattage PSU, but only labeled as 1000 to keep the 80 PLUS cert.
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    The Corsair 100W will be enough. It's actually the PSU used in the build redgarl listed above. Of course having something a little beefier may be advisable if you're gonna get an i7 and overclock it as well as the cards. Of course, keeping your components cool will save some power (such parts are less efficient the hotter they get).
  8. Well i'll OC the i7, nothing crazy though, probably a modest 4.0 GHz (on water) but I don't have any plans on OCing the GTX's
  9. megamanx00 said:
    The Corsair 1000W will be enough.

    Just to avoid confusion. :)
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