Help w/Performance DRAM Timings

I have everything up and running:
MSI NF750-G55
AMD Phenom II 550 BE
4GB Corsiar Dominator GT for Phenom II's (1066/1333/1600 O.C.)
EVGA GeForce GTX 260

Dual Channel Mode
Timings: 9-11-11-29, 1T @1600MHz, 1.68v

I cannot reach the Manf. recommended timings for this RAM.
7-7-7-20, 1T @1.65v without BSOD everytime.

This RAM cost $$$.
Each stick was shipped in different pks. Maybe, they should have been together in the same pack? This would make sense if they were tested together. That's what they advert.

If, I understand timings and freq correctly... Higher freq's are only better if you have faster timings with DDR3?

Anyone have an idea or this issue before?
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    DDR3 has higher latency like DDR2 had higher latency than DDR

    the latency on DDR was as low as 3 or 4 the lowest on DDR2 is 4, the lowest on DDR3 is 6 and that costs some serious money

    it is pretty hard to get that fast RAM at that low latency

    try increasing the voltage very slightly or else send it to Corsair for a different set
  2. ^ and RMA your sticsk to get the two stick-pack corsair tested together!
  3. The answer is in the middle. I called Corsair and Tech SPT recommends increasing my CPU-NB-VDD slightly. Hopefully, this will help stablize the freq increase at those timings.

    I did as they suggested and I have not BSOD as of yet.
  4. nice ope it runs smooth :)
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