Any help with formatting a new HDD from BIOS; win7 RC

Hello all,

I need help with formatting a new HDD in a new system. I'm using a gigabyte ga-g31m-es2l motherboard and am trying to install Win7 RC onto a fresh HDD.

I've tried rearranging my boot order so that CD/DVD drive goes first, and then boot the system with the Win7 RC install disc in. I get to the point of getting ready to install windows, but bios doesn't recognize my HD. I can't format using windows, because it doesn't see the HD and I don't know enough about this mobo to determine if I can format it with bios. Reading the manual it says to do what I just did; i.e. change the boot order, boot up with install disc to format HD.

I would really love to get Windows installed tonight, though I also know how to be patient...but please help me with whatever you can. Thanks.

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  1. Is bios showing your HDD as a connected device? Also are any of them IDE? I had an issue with mine because both the DVD drive i swapped in an HDD were set to Master so it only recognized the DVD drive not the HDD.
  2. Bios is showing something concerning a connection. During the POST I see:

    IDE Channel 0 Master:
    IDE Channel 0 Slave : None
    IDE Channel 1 Master: CD/DVD player
    IDE Channel 1Slave: None

    *note IDE Channel 0 Master doesn't say--anything.

    both the DVD drive i swapped in an HDD were set to Master so it only recognized the DVD drive not the HDD

    Maybe this is the problem? The DVD/CD player is IDE and the HDD is SATA. As far as if BIOS is recognizing the HDD, I'm not really sure.
  3. Okay if the HDD is SATA then that isnt the issue. Every thing is plugged in right? Its amazing how many people miss a wire. Can you plug the drive into a different computer with SATA and make sure that it spins up just to make sure the drive isnt DOA.
  4. No other computer, so I can't test it. I swear this thing is plugged in correctly. i've looked at diagrams and feel like everything is good. The disc makes some tick-tocking noises when I boot and I can hear it spinning/speeding up/ stopping, so I'm pretty sure the power's getting to it.
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    something a little funky going on there since the mb only has a single IDE connector and cant connect on two different channels .

    I have a suspicion the sata ports are set to native IDE mode and bios is reporting a channel 0 on IDE .
    But because its not reporting a device I think you have a DOA hard drive .

    Its worth a shot to change the jumpers on the DVD drive to slave

    if that doesnt work , then try setting AHCI to enabled and Native ide mode to disable .

    If that doesnt get it running then , sorry, its most likely a dead hard drive
  6. Thank you for your considerations. I just called Gigabyte and I was lead through the instructions towards updating the BIOS, so I'm going to try that (if my flash drive still works).

    I'll look into meddling with the AHCI/Native IDe modes and perhaps pick up a jumper at a local PC shop. I will probably ask the guys there if they could just do a quick diagnostic check themselves to see if this thing truly is junked, for I don't have another computer to check with. I'll keep this thread updated with the solution to this challenge for all of you who are following.

  7. the jumper will be on the back of the dvd drive

    It will just have to be moved to a different set of pins
  8. had similar problems with an older board I had. bios had to be flashed before the MOBO would recognize SATA drives for boot. evidently some boards will only recognize IDE as valid drives until the bios gets flashed. weird.
  9. This is my final answer: the HDD was sent DOA. Had it tested at a local shop.
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