No image from DVI to graphics card help!

Hello all. I was swapping around some PC components, but couldent decide on what to keep, so i put it all back. Now when i plug my DVI monitor cable into my graphics card, i get no image. I can plug in a regular VGA to the motherboard and that works fine, but why wont I get an image from the graphics card? During my swapping, i DID remove the graphics card and motherboard, but put them both back. Is there some type of re-configuring i need to do?
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  1. You may need to reset the mobo's BIOS back to PCI-e/AGP graphics.
  2. How do i do that? Is it under the regular bios setup?
  3. Yes, under integrated peripherals usually. Check your mobo manual for details.
  4. I dont have that option under the bios settup. I think I might have a different problem. Under the bios settup, i have the main video input set to my PCIE card, but it is only dectecting the mobo onboard video. Also, when i went to check for my video card drivers on my computer, they were gone! I have a diagnostics program aswell, and it isnt seeing my video card at all.
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