Can I overclock this?

That is my motherboard. The PC its self is

I have added the MAX amount of ram, and I don't plan on buying a new Mother Board. Anyways, I know its old and outdated, but I want to try it. I also have an ATI Radeon HD 4350, planning on getting a new one for Christmas.
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  1. If your BIOS has the right options and it is unlocked, then yes, but I am thinking that your OC potiential with that set-up is gonna be very limited and you will need to upgrade your cooling solution. More than likely most of the BIOS is gonna be unadjustable with that machine. As in, locked BIOS.
  2. oi 945 elite group series, not gonna get you to far im afraid see what options you have although im pretty sure they will be very limited things like voltages and such probably wont be there.
  3. For that rig you will have to use SetFSB for change the CPU's frequency, do it on your own risk.
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    saint you following me? LOL

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