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Got a query for the TH experts.....I currently run eyefinity on a triple screen set-up....Now the question in in regards to 3D runing on a 240Hz LG 3-D ready HDTV desired res of a full 1080p is required

1.)Can the AMD 6870 get the full benefits of 1080p 3-D TV and Games?, or Do I have to go with a Nvidia set-up?

2.) If, question 2 in the above is true: Which series of Nvidia card should I use. I am thinking 570 GTX or perhaps 580 GTX

FYI I actually am not very educated on Nvidia as I have always used formely ATI now AMD cards So, if you will excuse the noob type questions...I just want to make sure that I go in the right direction as far as 3-D HD is concerned. Due to the fact that this equip cost a whole lot of loot as some on here can sympathize with.

3.) What would be every component that I would need to accomplish the full HD 3-D experience for Gaming and 3-D Blu-Ray?

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    answer is kinda weaker then lets say a 6970 but it can do the job
  4. @nforce4max---> Thanks for the advice did not realize that..

    @darkside_gamer7----> So the 6870 can handle the 3-D fully?....So there is no reason to go with the 570 or above? Is it worth going nvidia for the added feature of physx for 3-D gaming? I want it to be as real as possible when gaming on new games like BF3 and Crysis 2 in DX11 @ 1920x1080 or possibly buy an extra 6870 and do xfired 6870's in eyefinity at 5760x1080 with at least 4x AA at the highest settings....I would like it to maintain at the minimum 35 fps.....
  5. buy a 6990 ha ha.....
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