My eVGA 8800GTX is idling at 80c!

I took the plastic cover off. Removed what little dust it had.

The fan works. I dunno what else to do.

Starts off at 67 when I first boot up and rises to 80c.

Sad thing is I bought a new i7 920 system because I thought my old q6600 setup was broken. It was bluescreening in windows. Didn't notice the card was idling so high. Still not sure if the card caused my old q6600 setup to crash.
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  1. It's not overclocked either. I downloaded Rivatuner and set the fan speed at 100% at idle. It only lowered the temp by 4c.

    Sorry for making this a reply and not an edit.

    Edit: make that 83c at idle when the fan is not at 100% speed :(

    It runs hotter at idle than my i7 920 does at 4ghz on air cooling at 100% load.
  2. List up the specs.
  3. Make sure that the card is not dividing the case in two halves such that the space under the card has NO airflow.
    That can be a major cause for that high temps.
  4. -Either your Heatsink is out of place and needs to be corrected or the card is being choked of air to cool itself off. I would open up your case doors or anything that would allow the most airflow inside and let the card breathe.
  5. It's a EVGA card that has a life time warranty, call them they will be glad to help.
  6. I have the same card and put one of these type of fans in the second slot below it and the temps came down 15c
  7. ^ Good point but his card is definitly not supposed to be idling at 80c it shouldn't even reach that temp during heavy load.
  8. Yeah I agree.
    I read his post too fast and assumed the 80c was under load.
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