Two 64GB SSDs (NOT Raid) or One 128GB SSD???

I am building a new PC and am new to SSDs.

I can either buy a C300 128GB or 2 x 64 GB (both @ 6gb/s), with the two 64s being about $30 more.

I don't want to RAID them (don't want to deal with no TRIM support) and my MB (Asus Crosshair IV) does support 6gb/s speeds.

So my question is, would I see any benefits from having say just the OS and anti-virus etc. on one 64 and games and programs on another 64 over having just one 128GB with everything on it?

Would it last longer or be faster etc.?

Thank you guys for any help you can give, the Tom's community has been a great help with my new PC build so far.

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  1. I would recommend just running with one 128GB drive versus two drives. There will be no performance benefit with running two seperate drives. The only benefit would be having your personal files on one SSD and the OS on the other, so if you had an issue you won't loss the data. However, I would recommend using a standard 1TB drive (Samsung Spinpoint F3 for example) for those purposes.
  2. ^5 +1 what tecmo34 said.
  3. Generally speaking, as size goes up so does performance. NOT by a big factor and not sure it would be noticed in day-to-day operation.

    I'm not a gamer, but based on reading here at Tom's. FPS do not improve when program is installed on SSD, Maps will load faster.

    My vote = The 1 128 gig.
    If your looking at performace, take a look at performance/reviews. C300 was the first on the block with SATA III SSD, but performance wise, newer ones are better and faster.
    When comparing the C300 (SATA III) with the SF1200 contoller based SATA II SSDs - Went with the Phoenix Pro and have NO regreats. Next SSD will probably be one of the newer SATA IIIs, But may still opt for a large sata II as prices are coming down on the sata IIs.not even considering the C300 - But that is just me.
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