LCD Display Shutdown (Heating?) Problem


I have a MAG LCD monitor.
About a year ago it started doing the following:
After a few hours of work, it shuts down and I can't turn it on again.
I have to wait a few hours or a day and only then it starts working again.
It happens all the time.

I thought it might be a heating problem but I don't know how to check it.
How can I start finding the problem? or the problematic component?


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  1. did you unplug it from AC everytime it shuts down? RMA it.
  2. yes, I unplugged it. I still had to wait a few hours for it to work.

    I can't RMA it.
  3. Usually its the compensator or power regulator problem,

    You could bring it to Tv / monitor repair, they might be able to repair it

    I brough some and most could be repair but as for a quotation before he tries to fix it because it can get very expensive

    What model is you screen
  4. Hi,

    Can you tell me how to check where the problem is?
    Should I just check the temperature? or measure voltage?

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