NVIDIA older drivers and CUDA

Hi everyone!
Here's a problem:
A friend of mine has a system: Intel dual core 2x2.6Ghz ,Asus mobo(don't know the type ,let's say P5B), NVIDIA 8600GT video card, XP SP3.
We tried to run some HD content ,both with DXVA or CUDA(depending on the video material).With the latest NVIDIA drivers the DXVA ain't working(because NVIDIA took off DXVA supprt for XP ,from about an year ago). Though latest CoreAVC 1.9.5 works just fine with CUDA.
Tried to use an older driver, something like 1.7.5 ,the DXVA is working in that case but no CUDA with CoreAVC!
Is there any chance to enble both CUDA or DXVA (depending on the video material). I mean is there any driver that offers only CUDA suport together with an older NVIDIA driver?
THx !
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