Recommended motherboard for Asus ati hd4870x2

which motherboard model number you know has no problems with running the ATI HD4870x2 single graphic card? (its a dual gpu graphic card x16)
need a motherboard between £60 and £100
cheers..with nb and sb cooling pipes
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  1. Quote:
    ATI HD4870x2 single graphic card? (its a dual gpu graphic card x16)

    Of course we knew that.

    It is just a single card so the mobo must have at least a single PCI-e x16 slot.

    Come on. You should do your job and search for it. There are lots of online shops to look for. Then post some here and then ask for opinions. Geez.
  2. I did that already, i have 2 mobos' dont work. both have 2 x16 slots, both ati certified but no luck, that's why i came here to ask if somone is actualy using this card
    with no probs..
  3. What exactly is the problem here? Buying a new mobo?

    or failure to make 4870x2 work on your mobos?

    If so, did you check other things to consider on why the card didn't work?
  4. yeah its realy making me mad, the card i know is fine the previous owner worked fine for him and its in new condition.
    first mobo i got had nvidia chipset (p5ne-sli) it worked but so slow only with ati cards, tried everything bios, format, power supply no luck
    second board was fast but as soon as i install any ati driver and restart, it loads xp then goes to a blackscreen for 10min then restarts and keeps doing that
    i tried new drivers..old,,,hd tv,,non hd,,,crt,,,same i flashed bios, i re-formatted, used one ram, same same..

    until I read dfi x48-t2rs boards and the rest of x48 dfi boards have a problem with this card, they made a bios fix but didnt work for me.
    this is my problem...i install ATI driver, I restart, windows xp loads then hangs then continues to load then i expect the desktop to show but it shows black screen
    no sound behind nothing just black screen. "no signal loss sign appearing but black screen"

    i got 850W certified PSU. just wanna kill myself...2nite i am gona try the 8.9drivers with vista and see what happens.
    I spent so much time and money for this rig and I am a qualified IT engineer beleive me I know computers but geeks like you know graphics and what works
    and doesnt because some of you personally tried it and I am not looking for those who read manuals or reviews online, but your help is much apreciated and
    thank you!
  5. You should start off by stating your full specs. Be sure to include the PSU model.
  6. ok here you go boss

    MB: DFI x48-t2rs (2009 bios and 2008 beta bios)
    hd: 320gb ide
    processor: Q6700 quad 2.66ghz
    ram: 4GB 800mhz ddr2 (timings on auto)
    PSU: 850w 35amps on each rail (certified by ati for the card, akasa)
    windows xp 64bit sp2, with nt 2.0, c++ and direct x9 latest
  7. well it works fine in safemode, and sofar changing the board solved the problem.

    at first pc shuts down, solved by getting powerful PSU
    second, extremly slow pc, solved by changing mobo
    now, fast, no shut down but black screen upon installing a driver

    at last i will try this card with another mobo cerified by ati and see what happens, i doubt its card.
  8. nothings, same issue here even with windows 7
    i am gona rma the motherboard and get a diffrent one.
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