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AM2+ Cooler Bracket MIA

I ordered an iBuypower gaming system about 7 months ago from

I have since substantially upgraded it. Well I noticed on Speed Fan my core was always 50C+, and in 30 seconds of Prime95 it was up to 75C.

I ordered an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 Rev 2 to try and bring the temp down(Of course using AS5 for thermal paste)

Well I removed my old HSF, which appeared to be aftermarket, and went to install my new one, and low and behold I have no cooler mounting bracket!

So I had to repaste my old HSF and stick it back on.

So my question is:

Should my computer have come with the AM2/AM2+ HSF Cooler bracket?

I missed newegg's support by 15 minutes.

Follow up question: From past customer experience, will newegg send me the bracket?

AMD Phenom IIx4 920 2.8 GHz
Gigabyte MA790X-UD4 Motherboard
HIS Radeon 4890
8 GB DDR2800 RAM
Win7 64 Bit
1x WD 750 GB
1x Seagate 500 GB
1x Maxtor 100 GB
Antec 1200 Case
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  1. No, not necessary. The Mounting brackets are of course supplied with the mobos, but in a case of third party assembly, it is not necessary due to customization and limitations of customized cabinets or mods it is upto the third party to decide what is needed in the cabinet.
    Newegg will send you the bracket if you buy it from them.
    You bought the PC from iBuypower actually, Newegg was just a retailer inbetween you and ibuypower.
    Although it'd be easier for you to just walk down to the nearest computer hardware store around your place and pick up a compatible HSF bracket to go with the Arctic cooling thing.
  2. I can't find any of the brackets on, perhaps I dont know the proper nomenclature?

    As for a computer store, there arent any close ones...
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    Try this

    I guess anyone of these is compatible with your mobo
    Hope it helps

    From what I gathered of your description of the problem, I think the Back Support plate (Backside of the Mobo, a steele plate is screwed to the Front side bracket )
    I guessed both are missing, the back support plate and the oval-ish plastic perimeter sort of wall around the processor socket in which we mount the standard HSF (Heat Sink Fan) right?
    Well, anyways whatever is missing in that set you can find in the above given links, as a matter of fact if something else is missing, you'll be able to find it on that site too, small spares, fixtures, mounts, etc etc
  4. Thanks!
  5. I think it's quite frustrating that there was no information prior to purchase that OEM parts were intentionally excluded, to install a HSF that sets me at 50C @ idle, and 75C @ load!
  6. :( Yah, it is frustrating, but I guess, I've been in this line too long, well that's the only way the computer companies can keep functioning. Like they say in our part of the world " A car mechanic always leaves one loose screw in the car , so that you return to him "
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  9. Thanks Alyoshka,, you solved my issue at the same time. I have a broken AM-2 Retention Bracket and found the one I think I need on CWC as you referred.

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