Suggestions on upgrading old sound card for Media Player PC

I have an old Dell server I want to setup to output to my HD TV.

It 2 PCI slot and 3 ISA slots.
1 PCI is using the wireless card
The AGP card might block the second PCI slot!

I doubt there are ISA cards with optical sound out?

Any suggestions on a PCI option that has optical out? 5.1 type? Toslink preferred??

Or maybe a AGP type video card with HDMI out (video and sound?)
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  1. You want to do HD on such old hardware? Well good luck...

    As for the sound card, I have a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 here. I suggest you find an official one as the OEM ones are harder to have support for. I have a SB0220 and once configured properly, it does 5.1. It also provides Optical (SPDIF) in and out, but I believe there's no official connector for it. I just used a Gygabyte motherboard optical riser card and along with some specs, modified the connector according to the sound blaster spdif connector and voilà. I haven't tested it yet, but the LEDs do light up so I guess that's a good start :)
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