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I want to move my game, Bad Company 2, to a different partition for increased performance (load time, etc) and so it does not fragment. If I use EASUS Partition master and Application mover to move the game, will the Game Setting.ini and Setting.ini (and other folders related to in Documents ('BFBC2' folder) be available to the program? Also, is there a better program, preferably more stable, than application mover?
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  1. why would bc2 fragment? the only thing that gets written is your saved games and who cares if those arent with the main program. Everything else is reads.
  2. What I mean are my other large archives, system files, fragmenting, and hindering performance. Well in any case I did it already and it works! Well, with a a manual link (not in games library).
  3. Fragmentation is a normal action in any computer file use. Each time you open and change a data file, it does not actually save data in the same cluster on the hard drive as the parent user's data cluster for that program. Each time you run a program, it changes objects in the program and stores the data with a reference pointer to the new information. You can't change that function by moving the program. In fact, you can make the application unstable by breaking dependency from supporting data files which are not stored in the parent directory. Other potential conflicts you may create by moving executable files is breaking the registry connections within the OS and making the game unstable. It will also make the game difficult to uninstall and or update as dependent support and data files will not be located where the installer put them during the installation. Generally, not a good idea. If your system is having problems with fragmenting issues, run the Windows Disk Defragmenter. Moving around games on a computer is fraught with peril.
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