9600GT ot 9800GT? 512MB or 1GB?

I need help in which card to buy.
Here is my final 4, 9600GT 512MB,1Gb, or 9800GT 512MB, 1GB.

I will be using a dual 22" LCD setup w/ resolution at 1680x1050. I will be using this mainly for playing poker and browsing which are not graphics heavy applications however I will be opening around 8 tables at a time when Im playing poker. And I will play games like Crysis, COD4 or other good FPS but I dont mind if I cant max out the graphics of the game but at least play it at medium quality graphic settings.

Can anyone give me advice on what to card to pick? Dont bother recommending other cards since stocks here in my area are too limited and these are the cards I have to choose from with my price range.

And is it a must to get the 1GB version? I read somewhere that its good if I have a monitor bigger than 19" and especially since I will have a dual 22" setup.

Additional Info on PC specs(if needed):
Intel Q8400 C2Q
2 Gb RAM
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  1. @strangestanger

    can anyone explain what the benefit would be if I use a 512MB card or 1GB card?
    please base your explanation on my dual 22" LCD setup.

  2. If you're planning to get a dual 22" setup, I would rather recommend you to get the 9800GT with 1 GB memory. Even if the 512 MB will run you most of the games on average details, but for the dual 22"s it is better to have 1 GB.

    (I really wanted to suggest you a GTX285, but you mentioned that you do not want -- so find advice in my post, cheers!)
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