CoolIT Vantage A.L.C. Cooler Inc CPU FHE in FT02

I am planning on fitting one of theses coolers into my Silverstone FT02 case, Question is, will it fit in the 120mm exhaust fan slot? Anybody already done this with a CPU watercooler?

CoolIT Vantage A.L.C. Cooler Inc CPU FHE

Silverstone Fortress SST-FT02B-W

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It fits a 120mm fan slot, so yes, it would fit. This isn't really what we call watercooling...its more of a liquid cooling, no maintenance kind of LCS. It works on the same principles as watercooling, but is a self contained, all-in-one unit. They perform about as well as decent/good air coolers.

    This one isn't as good as the Corsair H-series coolers; H60/H70/H80/H100 (H50 was relatively mediocre when compared to its siblings)
  2. I ask because i notice that the radiator is actually bigger than a 120mm fan, also i do like the H80 but it does not have the digital control panel with it.
  3. The radiator is bigger, yes, but the fan mounts to the same fan mount on your case...should be fine unless there are components in the way that wouldn't allow the radiator to be mounted. A lot of people use LCS coolers and all are like this...almost all don't have problems with mounting.

    Also, if you have a top fan mount, you could mount there as well.

    As for the digital control panel...many mixed reviews and its mostly manual operation, I believe. I know they were working on some GUI software to interface with these coolers, but do not know what the status is on that. Just another thing to break, in my opinion. To be honest, most people that have adjustable settings on these LCS coolers use them for a few days, and then set it and leave it. It's mostly a quirky selling point that really isn't needed for most people.
  4. It looks like that radiator is the same size dimensions as a 120mm fan, which is perfect. My SR-1 120mm rad is larger than a 120mm fan and barely fits in my RV02 (door bulges a little bit), so that one should actually fit well.

    I also have 2 fans on mine, so in terms of room in the case you should be fine.
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