Please need help installing Raid 0 using 4 Drives

Ok here is my setup:

- i7-2600K
- P8P67 Deluxe Rev. 3
- 4 x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB SATA 3.0 Gbs

I want to install Windows 7 Pro on the 4 disks using a raid 0 using the onboard Intel Rapid Storage Tech (IRST). Some things I have learned (or think I have learned):

- Cant install Windows on a array larger than 2 TB
- Might be used to create a GPT type disk system to use the 4 TB of space.

I have tried unsuccessfully to install the OS on the GPT converted system using this guide:

To summarize I need help getting this going. Any tips would be appreciated.
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  1. that motherbd has uefi bios so should be able to boot off a gpt partition of any size, well upto 256Tb, as long as you have win7-64
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