Voltage setting on ECS A780GM-A

could anyone help me figuring out the voltage on my BIOS. I have a X3 720be and from my knowledge has a default voltage of 1.325v. ECS has the voltage settings on Milli volts and is set to 4mV per step

Example - 1=4mv - 2 = 8mv and so on.

What step or number do i need to set it to 1.325v or even close to these numbers.

The reason is so that i can adjust the cpu voltage precisely when overclocking. I do know that there's an option to set the cpu voltages to predefined voltages in .25 steps like 1.325, 1.350, 1.375, 1.400 and so on

I just wanted to set the cpu voltages to a very precise number like 1.440

Also is there an option to tweak or change the NB voltage? because i have looked everywhere on the BIOS and could not find it there anywhere.

and further more what would the DiMM voltage be set to to achieve 1.8v at the moment its saying 12..is this correct?
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  1. ECS boards aren't designed for overclocking. Set the board to the default settings and try cpuid or everest to check your board voltages. If you want to overclock, sell the board and buy something from asus, msi, or gigabyte.
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