Having trouble installing any OS.

First I'll start with the specs,

Athlon 2500
GA7N400L socket A mobo
ATI 9550 256 AGP
2x512MB 333mhz ram
Maxtor 120GB HDD
Pioneer 111D DVD drive
400W PSU

Now, I'll start with what I've been through.

I've tried combinations of different amounts of ram in different slots, different cd/dvd drives, different hard drives, different AGP cards, different CPU heatsinks, different CPUs, different clock settings, I've tried different windows CDs, XP Pro, XP Home, ME, 98, Vista, a few nlited copies of XP I made, and I even tried installing Debian, but that wouldn't even boot. I've tried using my usb stick to install windows by using bootsect.exe and multiboot (which worked on my ASUS EEE pc) but it wouldn't boot from USB.

I reflashed the bios, and things seem to be getting further into the installations, but they always keep freezing at random points, it always gets past the "Setup is starting Windows" phase, but usually freezes either copying the files to the HDD, or after it reboots and installs them at 39, 37, or 34 minutes.

Right now I'm downloading Fedora, and I'm going to give that a shot, and in the mean time, I'm going to try installing windows from a HDD by copying the contents of the XP CD onto a DOS bootable partition and running winnt.exe from the win98 bootdisk.

I can't think of much left to do, my friend has yet another AGP card I could try, I think that could be the problem because the fan on mine doesn't work and it seems to be getting too hot. I won't have another PSU I could try for another few days.

If anyone can think of anything I haven't tried, or anything that might help, I'd very much appreciate it, I'm going nuts.
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  1. well you have an obvious hardware fault ... the gpu fan not running . ...so fix that

    It sounds like its overheating
  2. I had it in a previous computer and it ran fine for the last 3 years, I tried 3 other AGP cards half an hour ago, so I guess that's not the problem.
  3. still sounds like a heat issue, GPU, CPU, PS, take the side off and run the computer doing nothing and see if it shuts down, then touch the heat sink for the GPU and CPU see they are abnormally warm
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