RAM problem?

Sometimes my system refuses to boot, like after a shoddy OC or when the RAM is pulled out. It starts working again after a variable no of tries changing the position of the sticks (ie stick A in slot B and vice versa). Sometimes one change fixes it, sometimes it needs a dozen. Also, since this problem started, I occassionally get black dots on the screen. Like the white ones when ones GPU overheats, only black. During the days it doesnt work, if I try running one stick, this happens-
Stick A in slot A- perfect
Stick A in slot B- Boots, black dots on screen in games
Stick B in slot A- Boots, black dots on screen in games
Stick B in slot B- Refuses to boot

Is this some sort of RAM problem?

My machine-
Coolermaster Xtreme Power 600W
Coolermaster Elite 335, 120mm 700 rpm at back, 80 mm 1200 rpm in front
XFX 4870 1GB
AMD Athlon II X4 620
2x2GB Transcend JetRam DDR3-1333
Asus M4A78 LT MLE
Seagate 250GB
Windows 7 Ultimate x86
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  1. What slot does your motherboard manual say to put the RAM in if only one stick?

    Is this a new build? Did anything about your setup change recently?

    Download memtest86+ and burn it to a CD: http://www.memtest.org/
    Run it by booting to the CD. Test your RAM, first with 1 stick in the appropriate slot. Let it run overnight if you can. Then switch sticks and run it again. If either one reports issues then you've got a faulty stick.
  2. K. Thanks, will try it out.
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